Mood Emot 2017 Nov; 15(3): 156-162  
Depressive Symptoms and Its Related Factors of the Public Enterprise Workers Who Relocated to an Innovation City
Hangoeunbi Kang, MD, Bo-Hyun Yoon, MD, PhD, Bong-Hee Jeon, MD, Hyoung Yeon Kim, RN, Young-Hwa Sea, MD, Jye-Heon Song, MD, Su Hee Park, MD, Kyung-Min Kim, MD, Ha Ran Jung, MD, Yu Ran Jeong, MD and Jinhyeong Park, MD
Department of Psychiatry, Naju National Hospital, Naju, Korea
Correspondence to: 윤보현, 58213 전남 나주시 산포면 세남로 1328-31 국립나주병원 정신건강의학과 전화 : (061) 330-4102·전송 : (061) 330-7788 E-mail :
Received: October 12, 2017; Revised: October 12, 2017; Accepted: October 17, 2017; Published online: November 30, 2017.
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Objective : To investigate prevalence of depressive symptoms and related factors among public enterprise workers that relocated their workplaces to Innovation City.
Methods : A total of 711 public enterprise workers living in Gwangju · Jeonnam Joint Innovation City were included. They completed the self-reporting questionnaires such as the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale, Korean Occupational Stress Scale, Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test, and the state anxiety component of State-Traits Anxiety Inventory.
Results : Prevalence of depressive symptoms of overall was 10.5%. Gender, age, marital status, length of employment, alcohol use, overall satisfaction with living in the Innovation City, total scores of job-related stress and state anxiety revealed significant differences between the depressed and non-depressed symptom groups. In multivariate regression analysis, “Dissatisfied with living in the Innovation City” (OR=6.48), “Non-alcohol drinker” (OR=2.8), “Unmarried” (OR=2.58), “State anxiety” (OR=1.15) were significantly associated with depressive symptoms.
Conclusion : This result suggests that there was high prevalence of depression in public enterprise workers relocating a workplace to Innovation City and several factors may be highly related with depression. It means that these psychosocial vulnerable factors in depressed workers should be thoroughly addressed in providing an employee assistance program.
Keywords: Depressive symptoms ㆍRelocation ㆍWorkers.

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